Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

Absolutely! If your application meets our quality standards you can list it on the site completely free.

Definitely! once your entry is accepted you can streamline the review and publication process including a promotion plan for a week or you can hire our monthly promotion or sponsorship plans.

We can offer the most affordable promo package, compared to all our competitors, as we have very low running costs. While Productiveness's competitors pay high office rents and usually have dozens of full-time employees, we operate remotely and have a small team.

As of now, we offer a flat fee monthly promo only. The benefits of this are that it is resistant to any bot or fake clicks, and there are no surprise charges.

Yes. When you make the request to list the application, you can include an affiliate link to have control of the visits.

No. You have to use your own tracking links and parameters.

the product is listed organically in the list where the user searches for solutions and will appear in all the categories to which it belongs at the top of the list.

No. For now you must contract a number of months for which you want to acquire the service and a payment link will be sent to you to cover the cost of said months. You can also contact us if you need another type of payment.Answer

Yes! We are Bitcoin fans. In fact we are considering adding a promotion for payments with crypto.

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